My name is Shane Torres and I am the CEO & Founder of Road to $20 Million. I'm on a mission to redefine the journey to success and make it attainable for everyone. I'm committed to helping you achieve success with life balance through valuable resources, business planning, and consulting for both business entrepreneurs and real estate professionals. Regardless of industry or whether you hope to accomplish $1 or $100 million in production - I can help you. I know first-hand that success doesn't come easy. I faced countless personal and professional roadblocks, but in just four short years, I went from bankrupt, broken, and facing foreclosure to selling $20M in real estate. I've built a highly productive team, am a lead at my company, and live a life I had only dreamed of living. My mission now is to help others to achieve personal and professional success and a balanced quality of life.

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Road to $20 Million