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Road to 20 Million - With Lance Farrell

This week we chatted with Lance Farrell from Farrells Extreme Body Shaping

The tough times you don't see

As we all continue through the Covid journey, I have been seeing a lot of post, concerns, those needing help what tomorrow will bring, it lead me to remember a moment in my past just a couple months in real estate, in chapter 7, in foreclosure, and very difficult moment, a moment that would take 8 years to tell my wife about, so I decided to do a quick video to let everyone know we have all been there it's going to be ok, just keep pushing forward one day at a time.

Road to $20 Million Podcast Episode 9 - With Steph Reed

This week we chat with Mother, Realtor, Builder, Entrepreneur, Leader an all around Trail Blazer and an inspiration to many Steph Reed. Listen in, her energy is contagious. Shane Torres: Email: shane@roadto20million.com Website: roadto20million.com Phone: 515-329-4021 Book: https://www.roadto20million.com/the-b... Roadmap: https://www.roadto20million.com/roadmap/ Steph Reed: Email: steph@realestateconcepts.net Mobile: 515-988-9954 www.steph-reed.com www.facebook.com/pwbdesmoines/ https://twitter.com/StephDSMRealtoraltor

Road to $20 Million Podcast Episode 8 - Shane's morning routine

Morning Routines can set the tone for the day I get asked all the time about mine. So here it is, Shane's Morning Routine: 3:15-Alarm Goes off 3:15-3:30-Get up and going (put in Ear buds) 3:30-:3:45-Listen to Bible verse/or study 3:45-4:45- Listen to book/or podcast of some sort ( While returning messages if needed) geting 4:45-5:15- Get ready for Gym ( Pre-workout etc) while still listing to book/or podcast 5:15-6:30/6:45 - Gym 6:45-7:00- Home (Post workout) 7:00-7:15- Talk with Wife 7:15-7:45- Help get kids ready and off to school 7:45-8:15- Get ready for work 8:15-Off to one of the offices (some days take my son to school)

Road to $20 Million Podcast Episode 7 - Mike Kentfield

This weeks podcast I sit down with my good friend Mike Kentfield we discuss the making it through the down turn, adapting to a business when you know nothing about it and doing something that had never been down in our area before.

The Road to $20 Million - Chris Moore

This weeks podcast we talk with Chris Moore who is a successful Realtor. We will go talk about many things but the biggest thing I got from this is what can be accomplished when someone believes in you. Enjoy if you have never connected with Chris you really should. His contact information will be below.

The Road to $20 Million - With Ou Meksay

From being born in a refugee camp to a successful business owner this week's guest on The Road to $20 Million podcast on of my business partners Ou Meksay. We will talk about the decisions his parents hade to make that lead him where he is today.

The Road to $20 Million - With Matt Mauro

Very Excited for the next Podcast this week I talk with another partner Matt Mauro, Matt born and raised Southside of Des Moines Licensed at the age of 18 he knew early on that he was meant for sales. Check it out I'm sure you will get something from it.

The Road to $20 Million - With Lance Hanson

This week I'll be talking to Lance Hanson about his Real Estate Journey over the years.

What is Road to $20 Million

A brief video about what the Road to $20 is and how it came to be

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