Road to $20 Million Podcast Episode 8 - Shane's morning routine

Morning Routines can set the tone for the day I get asked all the time about mine. So here it is, Shane's Morning Routine: 3:15-Alarm Goes off 3:15-3:30-Get up and going (put in Ear buds) 3:30-:3:45-Listen to Bible verse/or study 3:45-4:45- Listen to book/or podcast of some sort ( While returning messages if needed) geting 4:45-5:15- Get ready for Gym ( Pre-workout etc) while still listing to book/or podcast 5:15-6:30/6:45 - Gym 6:45-7:00- Home (Post workout) 7:00-7:15- Talk with Wife 7:15-7:45- Help get kids ready and off to school 7:45-8:15- Get ready for work 8:15-Off to one of the offices (some days take my son to school)

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Road to $20 Million